It has been an exciting month for Gallery Finance: we have successfully conducted our first NFT workshop (by the way, you still have a chance to mine exclusive NFTs!) and launched our own NFT Auction house.

Today, we are excited to introduce another part of Gallery finance ecosystem: a decentralized exhibition hall where artists can store their artworks forever (that’s right!), show their art to the world, mint NFTs and easily sell them on any auction of their choice.

This is what you need to know:

As we entered Stage 3 of the NFT workshop, we are happy to announce that Decentralized NFT Auction is now also live on Gallery Finance!

NFT Auction is one of the core features of the platform that allows users to auction off exclusive NFTs they mine during the workshop.

You can find important information about the auction below:

  1. $GLF is used as the exchange currency in auction

2. Only workshop NFTs and NFTs from exhibition hall can be auctioned on Gallery Finance Auction

3. 2% fee for auctioneers and fees will be burned

We are happy to announce that we are finally in the final stage of Gallery Finance NFT workshop: community voted for their favourite portraits of top-10 public personalities, and now it’s time to mine the exclusive NFTs created during the workshop!

This is how you can claim yours:

We are happy to announce that the first stage of “Top-10 Most Wanted” NFT workshop is over — community has chosen ten public personalities they want to see reimagined as NFT art!

Now it’s time for stage 2: artists have 4 days to create artworks portraying these personalities and submit them to the workshop. For detailed instructions how to do it, please see this material.

This is the list of the people you can choose to draw:

The wait is finally over! “Top-10 Most Wanted” NFT workshop is now live at This is the first custom NFT workshop, where YOU choose the topic and decide which artworks will become NFTs.

At stage one, participants can submit public personalities they would like to see reimagined as NFT art. For example, someone has already proposed Donald Trump— you can choose any other real or imaginary figure.

During the first workshop, half of the total $GLF supply will be distributed as rewards for participants, so don’t miss this one-time chance!

With only three days left until the start of the first NFT workshop on Gallery Finance — “Top-10 Most-Wanted: Turn your favourite public personality into an NFT art!” — we are getting more and more requests from artists.

To respond to the growing demand, we decided to simplify entry conditions: even if you are unable to stake $GLF to enter, you can still participate and get rewards. In this material you will learn how!

We are happy to announce that you can $GLF is now listed on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap!

There are two ways for artists to participate in the…

Earlier we shared the official Gallery Finance launch timeline and a step-by-step guide to $GLF liquidity mining. In this article, we are focusing on another important activity: the first NFT workshop on Gallery Finance!

Custom art workshops are the heart of Gallery Finance ecosystem. This very first workshop will kick off our community and distribute a big part of the initial $GLF token supply.

Here’s how it works:

Top-10 Most-Wanted: Turn your favorite public personality into an NFT art!

In the previous post, we have announced the official Gallery Finance launch timeline, which consists of two main stages: liquidity mining (day 1-day 14) and the first workshop (day 7-day 45).

This article is a comprehensive guide to GLF token liquidity mining, where you will find all the information you need to get $GLF. Don’t forget that the entire $GLF supply (30,000) will be distributed to community in the first 15 days — keep your eyes open for the surprise launch and start mining at once!

To get $GLF, you can stake crypto to two types of pools: GLF liquidity…

While the official launch date of Gallery Finance is still kept in secret, it is rapidly approaching and will be revealed this week! To help you prepare, in this article we are announcing the launch timeline that will take place in several consecutive stages.

The goal of Gallery Finance launch is to distribute $GLF tokens and facilitate community engagement with Gallery Finance workshop. During the first 15 days, community will get all 100% of 30,000 $GLF token supply.

Subscribe to our Twitter and Telegram not to miss the surprise launch date.

The stages of the launch are as follows:

Day 1 — day 14: Liquidity Mining


We at Gallery Finance believe that the power of NFT creation should belong to the community, and all participants should be rewarded for their efforts.

To implement this vision, we are introducing $GLF token, a key element of Gallery Finance ecosystem. Its main purpose is to incentivize the community to participate in NFT creation and distribution.

$GLF is a utility token, meaning that it unlocks the key features of Gallery Finance for users. Thus, holding $GLF provides you access to:

1) Customized art workshops

Unlike existing NFT marketplaces that only let you purchase existing artworks, Gallery Finance allows you to vote for custom art…

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