Gallery Finance Launch Timeline

While the official launch date of Gallery Finance is still kept in secret, it is rapidly approaching and will be revealed this week! To help you prepare, in this article we are announcing the launch timeline that will take place in several consecutive stages.

The goal of Gallery Finance launch is to distribute $GLF tokens and facilitate community engagement with Gallery Finance workshop. During the first 15 days, community will get all 100% of 30,000 $GLF token supply.

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The stages of the launch are as follows:

Day 1 — day 14: Liquidity Mining

If you want to be the first to get $GLF tokens, don’t miss this stage! During the first two weeks since the launch, you can mine $GLF by staking tokens to six pools:

  • GLF/ETH Uniswap LP token
  • GLF/USDT Uniswap LP Token
  • To be announced: you can also earn $GLF by staking tokens of 4 innovative NFT-related projects, which missions we support and would like to reward their communities.

We will publish a follow up post with a step-by-step guide on how to participate in the liquidity pools — stay tuned!

Day 7 — day 45: First Workshop

Unlike other NFT platforms, Gallery Finance enables you to vote for the art you want to see created. For the fist workshop, we will invite you to collaborate with artists on creating portraits of top-10 community-wanted public figures.

Day 7 — day 10: Stage I: proposal

People who mined GLF tokens via liquidity pool will be able to stake them to propose figures and vote for them. Top-10 figures who gain the most votes will be the winners who will be actual themes for the NFTs. Stakers of the top figures will share 4,000 $GLF.

Day 11 — day 15: Stage II: artwork submission

Once the figures are chosen, artists get 3 days to submit their artworks. Stakers and proposers of the leading artworks will share 10,000 $GLF tokens. At the very end we will create NFT for the winners Memes (Top 3 arts for each figure of Top-10).

Day 16 — day 45: Stage III: NFT mining

By staking $GLF tokens, users will be able to mine reward points and then redeem them for NFTs, created as the result of the first workshop.

We will reveal the detailed instructions to the first workshop in a separate article this week.

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